Packages and dependencies...

Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu Mar 17 10:41:48 PST 2005

On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 12:36:06PM -0500, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> Ah, thank you... this is a good thing.
> Because I'm using a different PREFIX to install some code into, I think 
> there may be a problem with this.  Here's what I get when trying to 
> package up amavisd-new:

You'll probably find that many ports are not PREFIX-clean.  These bugs
should be reported to the port maintainers, or you can submit a patch
yourself for the unmaintained ones.

Also, you'll need to also set LOCALBASE to the directory where
dependencies have been installed (PREFIX is for where *this* port
should be installed, not where to look for others)


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