Packages and dependencies...

Forrest Aldrich forrie at
Thu Mar 17 09:36:13 PST 2005

Ah, thank you... this is a good thing.

Because I'm using a different PREFIX to install some code into, I think 
there may be a problem with this.  Here's what I get when trying to 
package up amavisd-new:

===>  Building package for amavisd-new-2.2.1_1,1
Creating package /opt/packages/All/amavisd-new-2.2.1_1,1.tbz
Registering depends: arc-5.21j cabextract-1.1 p5-BerkeleyDB-0.26 
freeze-2.5_1 lha-1.14i_6 lzop-1.01 lzo-1.08_1 p5-Archive-Tar-1.23 
p5-Archive-Zip-1.14 db3-3.3.11_2,1 p5-IO-Zlib-1.04_1 
p5-Convert-TNEF-0.17 p5-MIME-Tools-5.417,2 p5-Convert-UUlib-1.05.1,1 
p5-Mail-SpamAssassin-3.0.2_1 razor-agents-2.67 p5-HTML-Parser-3.45 
p5-HTML-Tagset-3.04 p5-IO-String-1.06 p5-Compress-Zlib-1.33 
p5-IO-stringy-2.110 p5-MIME-Base64-3.05 p5-Convert-BinHex-1.119 
p5-Net-DNS-0.48 p5-Mail-Tools-1.66 p5-Digest-HMAC-1.01 
p5-Net-Server-0.87 p5-URI-1.35 p5-Unix-Syslog-0.100 p5-Digest-SHA1-2.10 
rpm2cpio-1.2_2 perl-5.8.5 unarj-2.65_1 unrar-3.43,3 zoo-2.10.1.
Creating bzip'd tar ball in '/opt/packages/All/amavisd-new-2.2.1_1,1.tbz'
===>   Generating temporary packing list
Creating package /opt/packages/All/arc-5.21j.tbz
Registering depends:.
Creating bzip'd tar ball in '/opt/packages/All/arc-5.21j.tbz'
tar: man/man1/arc.1.gz: Could not stat: No such file or directory
tar: bin/arc: Could not stat: No such file or directory
tar: bin/marc: Could not stat: No such file or directory
tar: share/doc/arc/Arc521.doc: Could not stat: No such file or directory
pkg_create: make_dist: tar command failed with code 256
*** Error code 1

My custom makefile (to drive this process) reads for this line:

@cd ${PORTSDIR}/security/amavisd-new && make PACKAGES=/opt/packages 
"${M1OPTS}" package-recursive



I had been using pkg_create, but I don't know if you can accomplish the 
same recursive thing with that alone.


Chuck Swiger wrote:

> Forrest Aldrich wrote:
>> When you create a package of a port, is there a means by which to 
>> also create the dependencies into packages ... for distribution.
> Yep.  You want "make package-recursive".

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