Using the ports dev structure for individual projects....

Frank J. Laszlo laszlof at
Wed Mar 16 15:20:29 PST 2005

Forrest Aldrich wrote:

> I've been asked to take a few select ports from /usr/ports and create 
> a build environment.
> This presents a few technical issues, some of which can be dealt with 
> by overriding certain variables like PORTSDIR, NOPORTDOCS, et al.
> The second problem is ports are updated with some frequency, and we 
> need to keep a stateful build environment so that each dependency is 
> there "as-is" during that build.
> I figure I could lessen the pain of hacking variables by simply 
> snapshotting the /usr/ports struture, placing that into a separate 
> directory and then modifying PORTSDIR and DISTDIR in the build process.
> So before I go too far here, I wonder if someone else has done this - 
> perhaps some examples/tips/feedback would be appreciated.
> Thanks.....

I'm not sure I 100% understand what you are trying to do here, But maybe 
this will give you some more information.

Hope that help.s

Kind Regards,
    Frank Laszlo

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