Programs using libpcap and lexers.

Lupe Christoph lupe at
Sun Mar 13 04:05:25 PST 2005


I just ran into a problem with the doorman port. It has a lexer for it's
guestlist file, and uses pcap. The pcap library ended up using the
guestlist scanner, generating the very instructive error message:

emerg: Bad service name "port" on line 17 of guest list phase 3;
portnumber or secret  9876

I don't think every program using pcap should work around this problem
by using flex -P and %options noyywrap (if applicable at all).

Before I dare to file a PR against libpcap, I'd like to hear what other
people think. I've manually worked around the problem, so I should have
a functional doormand now, so this isn't a pressing problem.

Feedback, please.
Lupe Christoph
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