Wrong dependency for libgda2

Jacek Trzmiel sc0rp at hot.pl
Sun Mar 13 00:32:21 PST 2005

Building index on one of my machines fails with:
Updating the ports index ... Generating INDEX.tmp - please
wait..libgda2-1.2.1: "/usr/ports/databases/sqlite" non-existent --
dependency list incomplete
===> databases/libgda2 failed
*** Error code 1
1 error

This commit is probably a culprit:

It did revert this change from rev 1.61:
- LIB_DEPENDS+=           sqlite.2:${PORTSDIR}/databases/sqlite 
+ LIB_DEPENDS+=           sqlite.2:${PORTSDIR}/databases/sqlite2

And from rev 1.59:
- CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --without-interbase
+ CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --without-firebird 

And I'm not sure if removal of this is intentional:
- .if exists(${LOCALBASE}/lib/libpq.so.3)   
- WITH_PGSQL=     yes   
- .endif 
- .endif   
-  .if !defined(WITH_PGSQL)   
-         @${ECHO_MSG} "You can enable support for PostgreSQL databases
by defining WITH_PGSQL." 

-- Jacek.

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