[kde-freebsd] C++ issue on 4.11: kpopupmenu.h [Please review]

Volker Stolz stolz at i2.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Mar 11 02:00:32 PST 2005

Am 10. Mar 2005 um 21:51 CET schrieb Michael Nottebrock:
> On Thursday, 10. March 2005 13:01, Volker Stolz wrote:
> There's an easier and quicker workaround for now: add --enable-final to 
> CONFIGURE_ARGS of kipi-plugins.

s/kipi-plugins/all ports including this header/g

Someone please just hit it over the head with a blunt stick and let's see
what gets unbroken(!) before the ports-freeze.

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