CONFLICTS for build, not for install

Marco Molteni molter at
Fri Mar 11 01:26:07 PST 2005

First of all, I'd like to thank everybody for their suggestions.
I am impressed by the quality and responsiveness of you guys!

I am responding directly to Carlos since he is the maintainer of enblend

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 Carlos Eduardo <cartola at> wrote:

> Well, I was about to use the CONFLICT tag Marco... but had already
> seen it didnt work out...
> I guess the "if exists" is a good way out, as it can explain that its
> possible to remove vigra, install enblend and then install vigra again
> (well, a little ugly, but...).

We were thinking the same ugly way then ;-)

> I must say I'm with little time to
> spend on it, will you be able to test those suggestions?

I'll give it a try today, my last holiday day.

To all interested in photo panoramas and stitching/mosaic: you
should really try out all the ports rotating around graphics/hugin!

In particular the new version of enblend I am working on doesn't
crash if the images are big. This allows to seamlessy blend together
VERY BIG images :-)


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