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Fri Jun 24 13:21:28 GMT 2005

Your wrote

Even more would I appreciate if you were able to test doormand with
I don't have the time to set up infrastructure to do this test.

I reply.

Lets collaborate. I have a work bench infrastructure where I can
test doorman with all 3 of the FreeBSD built in firewalls IPF, IPFW,
and PF.

I have completed testing using IPF. I changed the ipf_add script and
added new comments. I am sending it to you as a attached file.

I also found a problem with the file permission as installed by the
port. The file permission have to be read, write, exec for owner
only. Owner has to be root. not just the files in
/usr/locat/etc/doormand  but also for doormand, knock, and .knockcf.

This afternoon I will run through the testing of PF and them IPFW.
All 3 firewall are based on the sample firewall files contained in
the handbook firewall section. I will keep you informed of any
changes I make to the firewall add scripts.

I also experienced some problems with the knock program and how it
process the .kickcf file. After I document the problem can you fix
it or should I report it to the doorman group at the sourceforge

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