setting up a new port subdir category - no love

Danny Howard dannyman at
Thu Jun 23 18:46:40 GMT 2005

Hello kind port system gurus,

So, I'm trying to set it up so that I can use the ports tree to automate 
installs of my employer's software.  Since there will be a few 
dependencies I have to port, I set up a separate category subdir for my 
employer, and added that subdir to VALID_CATEGORIES.

When I try to portinstall, it exits fine without DOING anything.

When I try portupgrade it says it is not installed.

"make install" "make package" etc work fine ...


0-11:36 djh at castor /usr/ports/nextrials/prism# portlint
FATAL: Makefile [38]: use of NO_CHECKSUM discouraged. it is intended to 
be a user variable.
WARN: Makefile: possible use of absolute pathname "/local0/prism".
1 fatal errors and 1 warnings found.

(The NO_CHECKSUM is because I'm just checking out from the CVS server 
and aren't so worried about security.  Can I express this in a 
non-"fatal" way?)

I ran "make index" to rebuild INDEX-5, but that doesn't help portupgrade.

I want portupgrade to work because I keep tweaking the RUN_DEPENDS list 
and I want a clean way to re-install with the new dep list.  When I 
"make deinstall reinstall" it will sometimes trip on a dependency 
because it is already installed.  (Make clean?)

And I'd LIKE to package the software and all its dependencies and sub 
dependencies, but "make package-recursive" has never worked right for me 
even with main tree ports ... anyone wanna suggest the best way to skin 
that cat?

Another challenge is that, and I'm going to change this, but I inherited 
a situation where nextrials/prism goes in PREFIX /local0, and everything 
else is PREFIX /usr/local ... I managed to convince the port Makefile to 
symlink the /usr/local/prism directory to /local0/prism, but any 
resulting package will clobber any such symlink.  Any suggestions there?

Thanks .....



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