net-mgmt/pmacct port

Kirill Ponomarew krion at
Thu Jun 23 15:27:36 GMT 2005

On Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 10:12:18AM -0400, John Von Essen wrote:
> I was playing around with this when I noticed that over time, zombie
> processes weren't being cleaned out. So after a few days, there were a
> couple 100 zombie processes. This ONLY effects 4.X FreeBSD. 5.X works
> fine.
> I contacted the author of pmacct, and we were able to fix the bug. The
> port is version 0.8.5. The current version available for download is
> 0.8.7. And in a week or two, 0.8.8 will be released. The author of pmacct
> (Paolo) did two things. First, he created a 0.8.5 patch for right now. And
> he has also patched the 0.8.8 code which will be released shortly.
> So we can either update the existing port with the patch, or just wait
> till 0.8.8 is released, and just modify the port version.
> I have attached the 0.8.5 patch just in case. Let me know.

Please update your ports, we have 0.8.7 since ~1 week.


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