About a mldonkey stable core port

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at freebsd.jazztel.es
Sun Jun 19 12:36:41 GMT 2005


Trying to setup a local mldonkey agent, I found a little problem with 
the actual mldonkey ports.

mldonkey (2.5.23) lacks some protocol fixes and mldonkey-devel 
( have too much new code at the moment.

I found a source of a more stable mldonkey from 
http://mldonkey.dyndns.info/ (2.5.16w-3) and 'll try to make a port.

- name:
I guest mldonkey-core-stable, but no plans for mldonkey-stable or 
mldonkey-gui-stable.  Let me know if the three ports are of interest.

- source:
I expect problems with the source, so I'm thinking to copy this as a 
local distfile.  How can this be done?

any commnents on this are wellcome.


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