help with pkg-plist for "overlapping" ports.

George Hartzell hartzell at
Tue Jun 14 18:03:21 GMT 2005

Björn König writes:
 > George Hartzell wrote:
 > > My current problem is that both modules install into the Bio:: perl
 > > hierarchy and both [bioperl and bioperl-run] installations end up
 > > writing into .../Bio/.packlist.
 > > 
 > > Which pkg_plist should I use to remove it that .packlist file?
 > Do it like audio/p5-Audio and audio/p5-Audio-CD or devel/p5-PAR and 
 > devel/p5-PAR-Dist:
 >    p5-bioperl:     .../auto/Bio/.packlist
 >    p5-bioperl-run: .../auto/Bio/run/.packlist

I don't think that will work.

p5-Audio and p5-Audio-CD seem to be well behaved, and have different
Names, so the underlying perl/cpan-ish stuff gives them .packlist's in
different places.

bioperl-devel and bioperl-run aren't clean (or maybe I should say that
they're broken), the underlying perl/cpan/Makefile.PL stuff uses the
same $NAME....


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