FreeBSD Port: rc_subr-1.31

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Mon Jun 13 09:14:21 GMT 2005

> > Local package initialization:Starting foo.Starting bar.Starting
> > whatever.

> > I think an output like:
> > Local package initialization: foo bar whatever.
> > ...without "Starting" for every service looks more professional.
> Personally, I prefer the "Starting service X" output better. 
> Especially since that is what is shown when you run the RC scripts
> manually.  I never liked the "foo" output when you ran the RC scripts
> manually, as it never really told you if the daemon had started,
> stopped, or errored out.  Now, with the "Starting foo", "Stopping foo"
> etc, it looks more natural and is easier to understand.

    It could perhaps output "Starting foo" if called outside the system
    startup, and " foo" otherwise.

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