FreeBSD Port: rc_subr-1.31

Freddie Cash fcash at
Sun Jun 12 19:13:37 GMT 2005

> May be there is a little typo in rc.subr.

> The common way for output on the console of FreeBSD at startup is for
>  example:

> Doing additional network setup: named ntpd portmap.

> But the echo command of rc.subr at line 650 produces the following
> output on the console:

> Local package initialization:Starting foo.Starting bar.Starting
> whatever.

On my 5.3, 5.4, and 6-CURRENT systems, I get:
Local package initialization: Starting foo.
Starting bar.
Starting baz.
... etc ...

Haven't checked a 4.x system in a while, so don't remember how it
looks on there.

> I have two complaints about that. The first and most important is
> that there should be a leading space and no trailing dot in the echo
> command. And the second represents only my opinion. I think an output
> like:

> Local package initialization: foo bar whatever.

> ...without "Starting" for every service looks more professional.

Personally, I prefer the "Starting service X" output better. 
Especially since that is what is shown when you run the RC scripts
manually.  I never liked the "foo" output when you ran the RC scripts
manually, as it never really told you if the daemon had started,
stopped, or errored out.  Now, with the "Starting foo", "Stopping foo"
etc, it looks more natural and is easier to understand.

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