apsfilter dependencies bug report

h h at erathia.be
Sun Jun 5 18:53:45 GMT 2005

hi all,

i have bought a HP 5740 color printer that i claim to get to work in FreeBSD 
with apsfilter.

after some investigation it turned out best bet is to declare it as a HP 990C. 
but when i select that from 9)  various HP Deskjet drivers or 11) official HP 
DeskJet drivers (hpijs 0.97), i get the following error message:

Which driver do you want to choose?
[Hit RETURN to see the list again, enter 0 to choose new type.]

Enter number: 158

Error: Your gs version doesn't have driver "hpijs" compiled in...
Select another driver or build a new gs version with complete or customized
driver support.

Now you'll see a list of drivers supported by your gs version...

yet i do have hpijs compiled in:

# ls /var/db/pkg|grep hp

i even recompiled ghostscript on the top of reinstalling it, and then rebuild 

when i try to declare it as a HP 990 from 12) official HP DeskJet drivers 
(hpijs 1.1 and later), i can print a color test page successfully, but when i 
try to print from gimp, as the only printer (overwrite config), i can only 
select 600dpi, but it's a 1200 dpi, how do i force it to be 1200?

when i try to add a printer on the top of my monochrome laser, and select the 
new filter to print, i get "PS Adobe 3 Creator" something on the first page 
with some junk, then the printer pulls all blank pages from the tray.

thanks for any clues

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