Prevent stale denepndencies of qmail ports

Renato Botelho rbgarga at
Thu Jun 2 17:40:35 GMT 2005


Today, qmail has 5 slave ports, and, when you install one of them, you
can install vpopmail, qmail-scanner, qmailadmin and other qmail
related ports because this slave ports are qmail servers too. The only
difference is patches that are applied on source code.

So, if you install one qmail slave port, and install vpopmail after,
it'll install with no problems, but, it registers dependency of qmail
port, so, it generates stale dependency.

I was thinking about it and the best idea I had is this, add something
like this:

QMAIL_DIR?=	/var/qmail
.if defined(USE_QMAIL)
.if defined(USE_QMAIL_SLAVE)
RUN_DEPENDS+=	${QMAIL_DIR}/bin/qmail-send:${PORTSDIR}/mail/qmail-${USE_QMAIL_SLAVE}
RUN_DEPENDS+=	${QMAIL_DIR}/bin/qmail-send:${PORTSDIR}/mail/qmail

on, and, change all ports that depends of qmail, to use

Add a message on pkg-message of all slave ports talking to add
USE_QMAIL_SLAVE=name_of_slave_port to /etc/make.conf.

I sent this email to see if anyone has ideas better than this, before
a start tests.

Thanks in advance
Renato Botelho
ICQ: 54596223

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