Lilypond and LaTeX

Matthew Emmerton matt at
Thu Jun 2 12:16:06 GMT 2005

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> I haven't used Lilypond since last fall. Running the current port
> (lilypond-2.2.2) today, I get the following error message:
> *************************************************
> lilypond: error: LaTeX failed on the output file.
> lilypond: error: The error log is as follows:
> ! Undefined control sequence.
> <argument> \kern 098.0248\outputscale \embeddedps
>                                                  {000.0650 000.0650
> -00.187...
> l.164 }
>       %
> The control sequence
> LATEX output to `chorosClaves.latex'...
> TEX output to `chorosClaves.tex'...
> *******************************************
> The ly file is one that I've run Lilypond on before, without problem.
> None of this means anything to me. I searched the archives but didn't
> see a bug report or any discussion of this problem. Is this a bug in the
> port?

This sounds like a bug in the port, as it appears to be outputing bogus 
LaTeX code.  This could mean one of two things (at the least):
1) lilypond has a bug
2) port is not prereq'ing the proper version of LaTeX or related tools.

If you can send me your .ly file via private mail, I can take a stab at 
analysing the problem in more depth in the next few days.

Matt Emmerton
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