Metacity and libpthread

Marcin Jessa yazzy at
Thu Jun 2 15:08:44 GMT 2005


Trying to install the metacity port it gave me following error:

 LC_ALL=C ../intltool-merge -d -u -c ../po/.intltool-merge-cache ../po metacity.desktop
 Generating and caching the translation database
 Bus error (core dumped)

To fix that I had to install pth and then do following:
cd /usr/ports/x11-wm/metacity/work/metacity-2.10.1/src

env LD_LIBMAP="" gmake

Then I could normally run make install in the /usr/ports/x11-wm/metacity/ directory.

Seems like metacity needed the from pth to compile properly.

Please reply directly to me as I am not subscribed to any of the target lists.

Marcin Jessa

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