FreeBSD Port: cyrus-sasl-2.1.21 -- Couldn't update db

Mark Edwards mark at
Thu Jun 2 10:17:52 GMT 2005

On Jun 2, 2005, at 12:01 AM, Scot Hetzel wrote:

> On 5/30/05, Mark Edwards <mark at> wrote:
>> When I use saslpasswd2 to set or change a password, I always get a log
>> item saying that saslpasswd2 "Coudn't update db" even though the
>> password is changed successfully, the db file is modified, and
>> subsequent authentication with the new password succeeds just fine.
>> An example:
>> May 30 03:46:13 lilbuddy saslpasswd2: setpass succeeded for
>> cyrus at
>> May 30 03:46:13 lilbuddy saslpasswd2: Couldn't update db
> Been a while since I used the cyrus-sasl ports, but when I was
> updating them, I had added to pkg-install:
> echo "test" | ${PKG_PREFIX}/sbin/saslpasswd2 -p -c ${CYRUS_USER}
> ${PKG_PREFIX}/sbin/saslpasswd2 -d ${CYRUS_USER}
> It would issue a warning, but still create a blank sasldb file.  Then
> as you add new users to the sasldb file, it shouldn't give you any
> further warnings.
> NOTE: If you install with BATCH=yes, then pkg-install will not create
> the blank sasldb file, and you will get a warning on the first user
> added.
> Does the warning occur with the first user added (no previous
> sasldb/sasldb2 file) or with every additional user added?

It occurs every time saslpasswd2 updates the db.  The db is 
successfully updated, but there is a warning issued.  When saslauthd 
updates the db, no warning.

I also get the following non-sensical warnings in /var/log/auth.log:

Jun  2 02:03:49 lilbuddy imaps[61325]: no user in db
Jun  2 02:18:30 lilbuddy exim: no user in db

These occur when a user is SUCESSFULLY authenticated via an imaps 
connection, or via exim.  In other words, just before these messages, 
there is a logged message declaring a successful authentication, so 
either sasl is just nuts, or there is some component of the 
authentication that is failing but not causing authentication to 
ultimately fail.

Again, I have seen many complaints about this in Google searches, so I 
think it is a common issue.  It doesn't seem to affect me adversely, 
its just annoying and log-cluttering.

Mark Edwards
mark at
cell: +46704070332

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