accessibility/gnomespeech: weird behavior while configure

Martin nakal at
Wed Jun 1 17:25:51 GMT 2005


I've seen this on 2 platforms so far (i386 and amd64).
If you try to compile accessibility/gnomespeech and
have linux-sun-jdk-1.4.2 installed the configure
script will never stop resulting in 100% load.

# cd /usr/ports/accessibility/gnomespeech; make install
checking for "/bin/theta-config"... no
checking for "/usr/local/bin/java"... yes
checking for "/usr/local/bin/javac"... yes
---> waiting forever here <---

I found out that commenting out the line 20216 in
will fix the problem.

Here the strange line which never stops executing:
javac_version=`$JAVAC -version 2>&1 | sed -e "1s/javac //" -e "1q" `

Looks quite normal to me except for the fact that javac
will not accept "-version", should be simply "java". But
I cannot explain why the script stops there.


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