FreeBSD Port: lilypond-2.2.2

Zbyněk Burget zburget at
Fri Jan 28 00:48:42 PST 2005

I've a question - how is it with work on lilypond port for FreeBSD?
In t port collection are broken versions of lilypond (and correction for 
version 2.2.2 is very simply)
Development version of lilypond is "scheduled to be removed on 
2005-02-18 if it is still broken at that time, and a fix has not been 
submitted to GNATS"
 From  November 2004 exists new stable version of lilypond, but isn't in 
port collection...

Lilypond is best software for music typesetting and FreeBSD is best OS.

Can I someway help with porting of new versions of lilypond?

Zbynek Burget

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