FreeBSD Port: peps-1.0_1

G. Adam Stanislav adam at
Thu Jan 27 23:51:50 PST 2005

Hi, Pete. I noticed that it says on the FreeBSD page about peps that the 
original web page has disappeared. This is not exactly true. Several years 
ago I spent a long time in the hospital and then was recovering from an 
amputation and it just happened that my domain expired while I was ill and 
some !@#$% promptly stole it from me. So, the URL has changed, but the page 
is still there: What used to be is now (this is true of all of the ports I did back when 
my health permitted it), so what used to be is, and what used to be, is Plus, I have added a shortcut to peps as .

You might want to take a look at it: I have just uploaded version 2.0.


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