problems with gs-gpl transition

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Thu Jan 20 14:12:29 PST 2005


I got a little sparse time and working on gs-gpl transition.

Seems that, as someone pointed, making the cups device in gs will make 
this lib depends on cups-base, so I'm working on the actual 
configuration (pstoraster with espgs).

Also, seems that espgs doesn't have the latest sources, that come with 
cups distro (under pstoraster). I'm switching to that version of the 
sources, which may require a portepoch bump.

With this source come two patches against gs (7x, 8x) that seems to 
solve some gs-init lack of support. If this is take, must be do from the 
main gs ports.  This doesn't seems very related to pstoraster, but 
general fixes.

To finish the port, I need some form to get ${GS_VERSION} from 
${GHOSTSCRIPT_PORT} (via make -V exec) and be able to do:
WRKSRC=      ${WRKDIR}/ghostscript-${GS_VERSION}

any clues on this?

thanks in advance,

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