FreeBSD Port: awstats-6.2

Chris Stuart webmaster at
Wed Jan 26 20:56:59 PST 2005


On Jan 25, 2005, at 8:27 PM, Joe Zeiler wrote:

> - snip -
> Port Maintainer, this is a security update, all you have to do is make 
> the changes I have given you, why won't you do this simple task?

The problem with upgrading to 6.3 is that it's development, and while 
it might be stable it isn't generally good practice to upgrade a 
production release port to a development set of code. Also, with it 
being development the tarball can be rerolled causing the port not to 
build as well, it's quite possible that that tarball is being built 

The fix to the port is going to be, apply the patch from: and 
bumping the port revision. As soon as 6.3 has been released it will be 
upgraded too.

I will try to get it patched to use the above patch within the next day 
or so, but I'm on a couple of deadlines at the moment.



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