Ports with duplicate LATEST_LINKS

Kris Kennaway kris at 8ball.rtp.freebsd.org
Wed Jan 19 16:51:00 PST 2005

Dear port maintainers,

The following list includes ports maintained by you that have duplicate
LATEST_LINK values.  They should either be modified to use a unique
LATEST_LINK or suppressed using NO_LATEST_LINK, to avoid overwriting
each other in the packages/Latest directory.  If your ports conflict with
ports maintained by another person, please coordinate your efforts with

Kris "Annoying Reminder Guy II" Kennaway
LATEST_LINK          PORTNAME                       MAINTAINER          
AutoIndex            www/autoindex                  danger at wilbury.sk   
AutoIndex            www/autoindex2                 danger at wilbury.sk   
cvsweb               devel/cvsweb                   freebsd-cvsweb at FreeBSD.org
cvsweb               devel/cvsweb3                  freebsd-cvsweb at FreeBSD.org
gqmpeg               audio/gqmpeg                   lyngbol at wheel.dk    
gqmpeg               audio/gqmpeg-devel             oliver at FreeBSD.org  
gqview               graphics/gqview                ale at FreeBSD.org     
gqview               graphics/gqview-devel          oliver at FreeBSD.org  
jags                 net/jags                       pat at FreeBSD.org     
jags                 math/jags                      vangyzen at stat.duke.edu
jedit                editors/jedit                  ports at FreeBSD.org   
jedit                editors/jedit-devel            ports at FreeBSD.org   
jgraph               graphics/jgraph                ports at FreeBSD.org   
jgraph               java/jgraph                    ports at FreeBSD.org   
linux_base-rh        emulators/linux_base           trevor at FreeBSD.org  
linux_base-rh        emulators/linux_base-rh-9      trevor at FreeBSD.org  
linux_base-suse      emulators/linux_base-suse-9.1  trevor at FreeBSD.org  
linux_base-suse      emulators/linux_base-suse-9.2  trevor at FreeBSD.org  
mew-emacs20          mail/mew-emacs20               ports at FreeBSD.org   
mew-emacs20          mail/mew2-emacs20              ports at FreeBSD.org   
mew-emacs20          mail/mew3-emacs20              ports at FreeBSD.org   
mew-emacs21          mail/mew2                      ports at FreeBSD.org   
mew-emacs21          mail/mew3                      ports at FreeBSD.org   
mew-xemacs21-mule    mail/mew-xemacs21-mule         ports at FreeBSD.org   
mew-xemacs21-mule    mail/mew2-xemacs21-mule        ports at FreeBSD.org   
mew-xemacs21-mule    mail/mew3-xemacs21-mule        ports at FreeBSD.org   
openwebmail          mail/openwebmail               leeym at FreeBSD.org   
openwebmail          mail/openwebmail-devel         leeym at FreeBSD.org   
pfe                  lang/forth                     ports at FreeBSD.org   
pfe                  lang/pfe-devel                 ports at FreeBSD.org   
python23             lang/python23                  perky at FreeBSD.org   
python23             lang/stackless_python          perky at FreeBSD.org   
rt                   www/rt3                        autrijus at autrijus.org
rt                   www/rt32                       autrijus at autrijus.org
ruby-devel           lang/ruby18                    knu at FreeBSD.org     
ruby-devel           lang/ruby18_r                  knu at FreeBSD.org     
ruby18-xmlscan       textproc/ruby-xmlscan          knu at FreeBSD.org     
ruby18-xmlscan       textproc/ruby-xmlscan-old      knu at FreeBSD.org     
star                 archivers/star-devel           martin at tradex.sk    
star                 archivers/star                 olgeni at FreeBSD.org  

Total: 40 ports

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