Cold Fusion

David Ross dross at
Thu Jan 20 05:04:45 PST 2005

Haulmark, Chris wrote:

> <>My company uses Coldfusion 4.5 (yea the code is so terrible that we 
> cannot move all the sites to MX version) for both Windows and Linux.
> Upon the beginning of my employment, I have moved the company toward 
> FreeBSD. I plan to leave the current Linux system (that is running 
> Coldfusion) alone because I have researched on the possiblity of 
> running Coldfusion server on FreeBSD with Linux Emulation.
> BlueDragon is something that I have never heard of. I started to read 
> the site and noticed that they provide a Linux script as an installer. 
> Perhaps you could hack it around to get it running under the Linux 
> Emulation.
> If you succeed..let me know...I am pushing the company toward getting 
> rid of Coldfusion because our sites on Windows got terrible problems 
> that involve intermittent downtimes.

Linux emulation is decent. Its a great way to run any linux 
software(except java). Though WineX worked.. it didn't work to my 
expectations :)

There needs to be a "how windows doesnt cut it" site like the anti-OSS 
microsoft site. They are sort of funny, talking how running Microsoft 
software is cheaper (*chuckles*)
Curious if there is already a site supported by OSS?
David Ross

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