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Haulmark, Chris chris at
Wed Jan 19 21:12:05 PST 2005

Someone broke the silence: 

> All,
> I am looking for a good port for a cold fusion plug in to apache on
> Free BSD or anything to run this cold fusion site.  The user is
> currently running it on blue dragon on linux...but..I have to maintain
> now and want to migrate over to FBSD and this is the only thing
> holding me back.  While I realize BlueDragon doesn't run on F BSD, I
> would like to find something else that is an easy port that can run
> the cold fusion scripts..........
> A search at
> under both 5.x and 4.x stable returns nothing
> for the keywords cold fusion. Any suggestions/advice/guidance?

My company uses Coldfusion 4.5 (yea the code is so terrible that we cannot move all the sites to MX version) for both Windows and Linux.

Upon the beginning of my employment, I have moved the company toward FreeBSD.  I plan to leave the current Linux system (that is running Coldfusion) alone because I have researched on the possiblity of running Coldfusion server on FreeBSD with Linux Emulation.

BlueDragon is something that I have never heard of.  I started to read the site and noticed that they provide a Linux script as an installer.  Perhaps you could hack it around to get it running under the Linux Emulation.

If you succeed..let me know...I am pushing the company toward getting rid of Coldfusion because our sites on Windows got terrible problems that involve intermittent downtimes.


> Thank in advance.
> -J
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