Robert Millan rmh at
Mon Jan 17 19:35:36 PST 2005

On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 05:49:05PM -0800, Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
> Hi Robert;
> I suspect I was the one that suggested this :). The reasons why I thought it
> might be interesting was that we were carrying complete cross development
> toolkits for SCO unix and Linux and having this as a port would actually help
> developers sort out issues porting to other platforms. I've actually lost
> interest in cross porting since then. 

What are these cross-development toolkits you talk about?  I have not much
idea on this..

> I'm glad glibc has been ported to the BSDs although quite honestly I wouldn't
> expect anyone might be interested in using it for native applications because
> the native FreeBSD libc has evolved significantly (and for political and
> technical reasons that I prefer not to detail right now).

Yeah I agree with you -- let's keep politics appart.  As for technical aspect,
I think Glibc can be helpful for compatibility (the same way you have emulation
of Linux syscall ABI in the kernel).

> I don't think you
> have worked on threads yet, right?

I've played with different thread options for the Glibc/kFreeBSD combo,
including gnu pth and libkse.  My conclussion is that the one that suits best
is Bruno's port of linuxthreads from glibc.  pth is not complete, and libkse is
too tied to BSD libc.  LT might not be optimal, but it provides very good
compatibility with user apps.  (having the same POSIX violations that
GNU/Linux pthreads has is something i find helpful sometimes ;)

> Will the BSD port be folded into the base
> glibc distribution?

I think so; but not soon.

> I would like to do the port but unfortunately I don't have the time,

Same here =).  But I don't mind helping and providing my assistance if someone
is interested, hence my mail to this list.

> plus I
> would prefer if someone at maintains it. The advantage is, of
> course, that you would get feedback on any issues that appear on any FreeBSD
> version or platforms via

Yeah.  Of course, I think we get mutual benefit from doing this.

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