Robert Millan rmh at
Mon Jan 17 16:10:46 PST 2005

Hi there!

I'm the main person behind the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD system, a porting effort
based on Glibc and kernel of FreeBSD I've been working on since April 2003.

A few months ago someone pointed me that since Glibc works reliably on kernel
of FreeBSD, it'd be interesting to add this to the Ports Collection.

This message is an offer to anyone interested in doing this.  If anyone here is
interested in creating a port of Glibc, please let me know.  We have a
subversion repository with patches against 2.3, and a set of patches for
integration with FreeBSD 5.3 kernel headers.  The libc port is not complete
but it's been suitable for production use for a while now.

 .''`.   Proudly running Debian GNU/kFreeBSD unstable/unreleased (on UFS2+S)
: :' :
`. `'
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