Naming questions

Alejandro Pulver alejandro at
Sat Apr 30 14:13:32 PDT 2005


I understand the variable PKGNAMESUFFIX should be compilation-specific,
not port-specific. So if there is a port called "foo", and a modified
version called "foo-better", the PORTNAME of the second should be
"foo-better", not splitted in PORTNAME and PKGNAMESUFFIX?

I am making a port that only has a GTK interface, should it be suffixed
by "-gtk"? If not, the executable it installs has the suffix "-gtk",
should it be removed to match the port name?

If there is a port that is splitted in components (like "foo-doc",
"foo-gtk", etc.). Should they use PKGNAMESUFFIX? If the components use
OPTIONS, it does not correctly determine the options directory; is

Thanks and Best Regards,

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