Naming questions

Björn König bkoenig at
Sat Apr 30 16:00:56 PDT 2005

Alejandro Pulver wrote:

>I am making a port that only has a GTK interface, should it be suffixed
>by "-gtk"?
If the program works only with gtk and not without, not even as an 
option, then don't use PKGNAMESUFFIX.

If you want to give the user the chance to choose between a GUI or just 
a command line tool, then it depends on your default how you may want to 
use PKGNAMESUFFIX. Take the port 'editors/vim' as an example; the user 
has the opportunity to make a decision between the default and with 
GTK+2 support; and the final package is named just 'vim' or 'vim-gtk2'. 
Another example is 'net/cvsup'; if you compile it with WITHOUT_X11 
you'll get 'cvsup-without-gui', otherwise just 'cvsup'.

You can stick to other ports which might give some inspirations.

>If not, the executable it installs has the suffix "-gtk",
>should it be removed to match the port name?
This is not necessary.

>If there is a port that is splitted in components (like "foo-doc",
>"foo-gtk", etc.). Should they use PKGNAMESUFFIX?
The suffix is primarily intended for compilation specific things, but 
'databases/postgresql' shows that it is possible to use it for  -server, 
-client, -doc, -odbc, i.e. components. See also


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