wine ignoring "Windows", "Profile" values in config

Richard Bradley rtb27 at
Wed Apr 27 10:30:24 PDT 2005


I have wine-20050419 running on 5.3-RELEASE, but I'm having trouble 
getting it to use my Windows2000 NTFS partition mounted as read only.

Specifically it seems to be completely ignoring paths in the "[wine]" 
section of the config file.

I can write things like:


and it runs without complaint.

This is a problem for me because it also ignores the "Profile" value, and 
gives the following error:

err:shell:SHGetFolderPathW Failed to create directory 'L"c:\\windows\\profiles\\rich\\Desktop"'.

It should be looking in 
"Profile"="c:\\Documents and Settings\\rich" 

Please could you give me some pointers on what can I do to fix this?

Many thanks,


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