splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Milan Obuch ports at dino.sk
Mon Apr 18 12:41:56 PDT 2005

On Monday 18 April 2005 09:54, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Milan Obuch wrote:
> > etc. This circular dependence eventually ends with
> >
> > make: Max recursion level (500) exceeded.: Resource temporarily
> > unavailable
> >
> > At this point it looks like no go. Catch 22.
> right... my fault. I removed all the OPTION stuff. Can you please refetch
> +retry it once more? Thank you!

Now it looks much better, some problems remains.
First, there is small bug when installing courier-authlib - installed 
authdaemonrc lists all possible authentication modules, which is not really 
what most users want - they would like list only installed modules.
Second, it would be nice if, after installing courier-authlib, user gets 
message saying 'only basic authpwd module installed, consider adding 
courier-authlib-??? package'.
Third, when additional authentication module is installed, 'make deinstall' in 
main port should not delete courier-authlib when not explicitly forced. I 
think this should be justified.
There is another item on my wishlist - I would like to change directory 
containing authdaemonrc file from default to something else, 
namely /usr/local/etc/courier instead of /usr/local/etc/authlib. This eases 
full courier package installation, webadmin fits better in this layout.
I did not yet test functionality, building/installing/deinstalling take some 
time, maybe it would be worth considering use configure script with 
additional '--cache-file=/tmp/courier.cache'. This could speed up whole 
configure process a lot. For being safe, /tmp/courier.cache file could be 
removed first in pre-configure, so any garbage possibly left from some other 
configure run would not be considered.

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