splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Johnny Lam jlam at NetBSD.org
Mon Apr 18 15:18:38 PDT 2005

Milan Obuch wrote:
> There is another item on my wishlist - I would like to change directory 
> containing authdaemonrc file from default to something else, 
> namely /usr/local/etc/courier instead of /usr/local/etc/authlib. This eases 
> full courier package installation, webadmin fits better in this layout.

IIRC, the latest releases of the full Courier MTA also depend on 
courier-authlib, so the defaults of /usr/local/etc/authlib and 
/usr/local/etc/courier should be correct.  The Courier INSTALL file 
actually recommends deleting the old auth* files from 
/usr/local/etc/courier after they've been moved to /usr/local/etc/authlib.


	-- Johnny Lam <jlam at NetBSD.org>

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