FreeBSD Port: rdiff-backup

Nick Muerdter nick at
Sun Apr 17 17:50:41 PDT 2005


This is in regards to your maintainership of the rdiff-backup port for 
FreeBSD. I have a few minor quibbles. First, the 0.13 branch is still 
the development branch, so it doesn't quite make sense to move the 
entire port to that. Perhaps a separate port for the development 
branch? Secondly, and more generally, both the development and stable 
branch have been updated.

Yes, I enjoy complaining to people about their free work. ;) I would 
normally try to help out or fix it myself, but I'm busy (and of course 
you're not :p ), and I  have several machines at work using this, so 
doing custom port files seems a tad messy

In any case, thanks if you can do something about this, no biggie if 

Nick Muerdter

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