mozilla's install hanging on amd64

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Tue Apr 12 08:57:54 PDT 2005

> > Nothing except Mozilla has ever caused problems for Mikhail, that was
> > traceable to this switch.

> Lucky Mikhail. I actually don't believe you really missed the tons of
> broken ports that -march=p4 used to produce with early versions of gcc3
> though.

So, now you accuse me of lying... The only potentially -march-related problem 
I had before was with mozilla and the flag was -march=p2. It would build and 
install, but would not start. I still have the machine... When I reported 
this error to gnome@ a year or so ago, I was similarly "yelled" at, that 
-march setting is not supposed to work...

> > make.conf(5) documents it, it should work. Period.
> make.conf(5) documents CFLAGS. What would you like to infer from that fact?

In its documentation of CFLAGS, the man-page warns, that levels other than "-O 
and -O2" are not supported. There is nothing about any risk of 
processor-specific flags like -march, and rightly so.

CPUTYPE's paragraph rightly encourages setting the variable to the actual CPU 
flavor. Everything except the mozilla port (and I have 222 ports installed on 
this machine already) built fine. Few things have self-test capabilities, but 
those, that do (Perl, lcms) passed their tests.

> If a compiler optimization produces a bad binary while the same compiler
> with the switch off does not (or a different version of the compiler with
> the switch does not), the compiler usually *is* to blame.

Scott has responded to this already.


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