mozilla's install hanging on amd64

Scott Long scottl at
Mon Apr 11 23:21:26 PDT 2005

Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> On Tuesday, 12. April 2005 07:33, Mikhail Teterin wrote:
>>>Mikhail seems to have forgotten that not too long ago, CPUTYPE was
>>>something for only the most daring would use. GCC's optimizers have seen
>>>much improvement since then, but just because you can get away with
>>>always setting CPUTYPE for everything much more often these days doesn't
>>>mean it's not risky anymore (or we would have the resources to runtime
>>>test every port in the collection with all possible CPUTYPE settings on
>>>each arch).
>>Nothing except Mozilla has ever caused problems for Mikhail, that was
>>traceable to this switch.
> Lucky Mikhail. I actually don't believe you really missed the tons of broken 
> ports that -march=p4 used to produce with early versions of gcc3 though.
>>make.conf(5) documents it, it should work. Period.
> make.conf(5) documents CFLAGS. What would you like to infer from that fact?
>>And everything does 
>>work. Complex things like Perl build fine and pass their self-tests (make
>>test). The entire KDE built and works (although it is lacking self-tests).
>>Time to stop blaming compiler for the software's bug -- and Mozilla has
>>plenty of them.
> If a compiler optimization produces a bad binary while the same compiler with 
> the switch off does not (or a different version of the compiler with the 
> switch does not), the compiler usually *is* to blame. I don't know of course 
> whether this is the case, I couldn't find the beginning of this thread.

This isn't always true.  Pointer aliasing rules become stricter but
still spec-legal with certain optimizer modules, for example.  I'd 99%
bet that mozilla or a dependency is to blame here.  However, that
doesn't mean that the port is non-functional.  It means that it has
known bugs in the non-default case that should be documented until they
are fixed.  I'm glad that Mikhail has exposed one of these problems, and
I hope that both a temporary and permanent solution can be found.


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