Ports version upping policy?

Florent Thoumie flz at xbsd.org
Tue Apr 12 04:26:26 PDT 2005

Le Mardi 12 avril 2005 à 15:12 +0400, George Kouryachy a écrit :
> Hi.
> I've noticed some ports I'm using are too outdated against the upstream
> E. g. python Toy Parseg Generatior (tpg) port is still 3.0.0, although
> there is 3.0.5 with many bugfixes.
> Another example is tardy (tarball on-the-fly editor). It just ups from
> 1.11 to 1.12, but the new version has many changes and meanwhile the
> author switched it's website.
> The Q are:
> 1. I have stable new-versioned ports edited by myself. Can I push it
> to main ports tree instead of rewriting my own one after every cvs
> update?

	You need to have write-access to the ports tree, so for now,
	that's not (yet) possible.

> 2. I wrote a letter to every port maintainer picking their emails
> directly from pkg-info, but got no answer. Was there a wrong style of
> request? Maybe it's better to write to some maillists or use PR? There
> are no patches needed to compile the new ports and there a no "stable"
> and "unstable" versions of tardy and tpg, so there seems to be lack of
> maintainer's care not the lack of maintainers time...

	People can be busy with life and not thinking about their ports 
	all the time. Use send-pr to send your patches. Follow the 
	instructions written in the Porter's Handbook.

> 3. tardy maintainer is "ports at freebsd.org". Does it mean the port is
> unmaintained?

	Yes, I've asked Dan Langille to add a special notice for these 
	ports so that people know they are unmaintained. Maybe we should
	think about it again. Dan ?

Florent Thoumie
flz at xbsd.org
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