Ports version upping policy?

George Kouryachy frbrgeorge at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 04:12:49 PDT 2005


I've noticed some ports I'm using are too outdated against the upstream
E. g. python Toy Parseg Generatior (tpg) port is still 3.0.0, although
there is 3.0.5 with many bugfixes.

Another example is tardy (tarball on-the-fly editor). It just ups from
1.11 to 1.12, but the new version has many changes and meanwhile the
author switched it's website.

The Q are:
1. I have stable new-versioned ports edited by myself. Can I push it
to main ports tree instead of rewriting my own one after every cvs
2. I wrote a letter to every port maintainer picking their emails
directly from pkg-info, but got no answer. Was there a wrong style of
request? Maybe it's better to write to some maillists or use PR? There
are no patches needed to compile the new ports and there a no "stable"
and "unstable" versions of tardy and tpg, so there seems to be lack of
maintainer's care not the lack of maintainers time...
3. tardy maintainer is "ports at freebsd.org". Does it mean the port is

George V Kouryachy (aka Fr. Br. George)
mailto:george at gmail dot com

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