JAPI is a new API for all popular Programming-Languages

Theo colloid.silver at dokom.net
Sat Apr 9 21:02:31 PDT 2005

The Kernel of the API is written in C because the speed and the 
environment is written in JAVA.

It offers to make easy API's for BASIC, FORTRAN, C, PASCAL, ADA....

It works with GCC, LCC, GNAT (ADA) , FORTRAN, PASCAL-Compilers
under several OperatingSystems like Linux-(X86), Solaris (Sparc & X86) and
Windows-98/NT/XP without changes in the Code.

It's more easy to learn as the API's for GNOME or KDE, oder Microsoft.

You should take it also in the Ports-Collection, 
and port it from Linux-Code to FreeBSD.

See here (english & german Documantation available):


best regards

Detlef Scheiwe from Germany

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