Breaking Fox-toolkit down into fox10, fox12, fox14, etc?

Tom Nakamura imifumei at
Sun Apr 10 02:21:37 PDT 2005

I was thinking it would be a good idea to break down the fox-toolkit
into 'fox10', 'fox12', 'fox14', and (recently) 'fox15', instead of the
current 'fox' port (which tracks 1.0.x) and 'fox-devel' port (which
tracks 1.4.x). I say this because 
1) 'fox' is rather old, and 'fox-devel' is the development branch which
is extremely new; having fox12 strikes a good balance;
2) the current version of 'ruby-fox' ( is geared for
fox-1.2.x (which guarantees compatibiltiy), but instead with only a
'fox' and 'fox-devel', ruby-fox builds with fox-1.4.x, which may
introduce incompatibilities. 
any thoughts?
Tom Nakamura
  eyefull at

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