Trying to debug bind 9.3.1 out of memory problem.

Booker Apelin eulogio.apelin at
Thu Apr 7 14:56:11 PDT 2005

Thanks, that's more than I had previously.


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> > It would be nice to know what the default values are and what the
> > numbers affect specifically.  Like does it change the process max to
> > 1GB now?  I tried googling and looking through the handbook for an
> > explanation of these options but couldn't find anything definitive.
> > If anybody has a link or a doc that describe how this works I'd
> > appreciate it.
> The comment in sys/conf/NOTES is a reasonable thumbnail:
> # Certain applications can grow to be larger than the 512M limit
> # that FreeBSD initially imposes.  Below are some options to
> # allow that limit to grow to 1GB, and can be increased further
> # with changing the parameters.  MAXDSIZ is the maximum that the
> # limit can be set to, and the DFLDSIZ is the default value for
> # the limit.  MAXSSIZ is the maximum that the stack limit can be
> # set to.  You might want to set the default lower than the max,
> # and explicitly set the maximum with a shell command for processes
> # that regularly exceed the limit like INND.
> I don't know anything more detailed.
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