mod_tsa anyone?

Joel rees at
Wed Apr 6 04:14:02 PDT 2005

In the archives, I found that the usual approach for combining modssl
with something else is to get the apache+modssl port, then get the other
mod ports. (Dynamic loading.)

Now, over at, they say they have reports of successful
installs on freebsd. But I don't have enough experience with ports to
know what I'm doing, so I'm wondering where I should put those mod_tsa
patch files, and what flags I should set in which configuration files.

Maybe if I figure out where the sources went when I did the make in
/usr/ports/www/apache13-modssl, I can figure out the instructions for
mod_tsa. If I can successfully apply the patches, what's the next step?
Will a repeat make walk on the patches?

Now I see a reminder about certificates, and that reminds me of my
second question.

mod_tsa for apache 1.3.33 requires openssl 0.9.7e, and the version in
freeBSD is 0.9.7d .

I tried, just for grins, running over to /usr/src/secure/usr.bin/openssl
and doing a make, but the results didn't really give me any clues. I
didn't see anything in the Makefile there that I could recognize as
being intended to tell the make process to update openssl. And I don't
see any evidence yet of the source files for openssl.

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