webalizer package installation

Shane Ambler Shane at 007Marketing.com
Sun Apr 3 09:19:04 PDT 2005

I am guessing that you are trying to install from the ports, which should
install needed dependancies.
You need to be logged in as root to install.

If for some reason this doesn't happen you can install the libs seperately.

If I am unsure of the location I use the freebsd website to find where they
are located. http://freebsd.org/ports
Some searches like 'gd' can get a lot of results but the one you want is in
category graphics as is png. Webalizer uses these libs to generate the
Also the entry for each package lists dependancies so from the webalizer
entry you can click on gd-2.0.33 and see the entry for gd in category

Once you know the category you can put together the path to the lib you
Eg. cd /usr/ports/category/packagename

So if you have trouble with dependancies for webalizer you would try:
#cd /usr/ports/graphics/gd
#make install
#cd /usr/ports/graphics/png
#make install
#cd /usr/ports/www/webalizer
#make install

If you still have trouble you can contact the port maintainer which is
listed on the website along with dependancies (he may be working to fix it
or is unaware that it has been broken)
You can also contact the freebsd-ports mailing list (or freebsd-newbies)
- there is no need to mail the same question to multiple lists.

On 4/4/2005 0:13, "Sadashiv Kulthe" <sadashiv.linux at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to install webalizer. I am newbie and I have  tried a lot.
> But it is giving me error ..
> checking for main in -lpng... no
> configure: error: png library not found... please install Png.
> checking for libgd.so... (cached) no
> configure: error: gd library not found... please install gd.
> 1) How to install gd and png libraries? Can you provide me url?  How
> to check they are installed or not?
> 2) I also want to install a JAVA on freeBSD. What are the packages
> requires, how to install them. I know pkg_add command.
> 3) How to check what packages are install on the system and how to
> resolve dependacies.
> Thanks and Regards
> Sadashiv Kulthe.
> System Administrator
> Open Source Labs - Pune
> sadashiv.linux at gmail.com
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