Windowmaker crashes when kplayer is finished

Scott Long scottl at
Sat Apr 2 05:31:18 PST 2005

Francois Tigeot wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 07:56:25PM -0300, Doug Barton wrote:
>>Francois Tigeot wrote:
> [problems with windowmaker-0.91.0 and QT dialog boxes]
>>>I can howewer confirm, the problem is exactly as you described it:
>>>applications do not freeze, but they do not receive keyboard and mouse
>>>I have configured a key shortcut to maximize the current window with
>>>wmpref. File/Open Location still reliably "freezed" konqueror as described
>>>in the PR. I then activated the shortcut and the Open dialog appeared
>>>fullscreen. I could then close it and continue to interact with konqueror
>>>Thanks for your insight, now I know this is a real bug :)
>>Unfortunately it's not my insight, it's scottl's. I'm not nearly as smart 
>>as he is. :)
> Actually, I was thinking about Bruno ;-)
> I just found this message on the wm-devel list:
> "64bit bug in WindowMaker"
> Vladimir Nadvornik from Suse had submitted a patch to fix this bug back in
> january. I have tested it on my amd64 machine and the dialog boxes now appear
> correctly on the screen.
> IMHO, this should be included in the windowmaker port before 5.4-RELEASE.

Ah, and Bruno kind of names the problem specifically, but skirts around 
it in the end.  The problem is that XChangeProperty and 
XGetWindowProperty simply don't work right with 32 bit data on 64 bit 
platforms.  I guess it comes from years and years of X and application
developers assuming that a 'long' would always be 32 bits.  Instead of
fixing this assumption, the X authors decided to permanently break it
and make the format value of 32 mean 'platform-specific long' not '32
bits'.  Grrr.  Now that I understand the bug, I can probably whip up a 
"more appropriate" patch for windowmaker.


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