Windowmaker crashes when kplayer is finished

Bruno Van Den Bossche brvdboss at
Fri Apr 1 08:40:33 PST 2005

Francois Tigeot wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 02:15:00AM +0200, Palle Girgensohn wrote:
>>Any ideas about this:
>>every time kplayer is finished displaying a movie clip, windowmaker crashed 
>>signal 11 and dumps core (it restarts after a second of windows flashing, 
>>so the problem is not critical), and kplayer ends up with no window 
>>decorations or menus (but can be quit with ctrl-q).

Well, sometimes it is critical since the actual app doesn't always 
appear.  (i.e. firefox or thunderbird)

> I have seen a similar crash with version 0.91.0 on amd64 when launching
> Mozilla or Thunderbird. I believe it had something to do with invalid
> window sizes.

Indeed, I noticed this too.
adjusting wrlib/raster.c line 51  (assert(width>0 && height>0);)
seems to be a workaround.  (I've had it return NULL if the width and 
height aren't within the spec, setting them to a sensible value will do 
too I think)

Note:  this is only a workaround, it does not solve the cause of the 
problem.  I haven't had the time to dig deeper into it yet.

> I have not encountered the problem with kplayer, but have found
> windowmaker-0.91.0 to break qt applications in general. See the details in
> this PR:
> It seems I am the only one to have this particular problem though...

The qt-applications don't freeze as you mention in this PR.  What does 
seem to happen is they exist but aren't visible.

e.g. when starting psi and then connecting to the jabber server it asks 
which profile to use.  However the dialog-window never appears on screen 
in WindowMaker.  Pressing return (i.e. selecting the default) makes psi 
go on.

I assume the same happens in your case.

>>I know, I should get a backtrace of the windowmaker, but I just thought I 
>>might ask around first, perhaps it is well-known. I did apply the patch 
>>that arrived to CVS a couple of days ago but it didn't make a difference 
>>(it's mainly helpful for 64-bit platforms, I guess?).
> Do you have a link for this patch ? Windowmaker cvs server seems to be
> broken at this moment.
> Sorry not to be of much help.

I might have a closer look at it later.  I didn't contact the 
port-maintainer (or anyone else for that matter yet).  Maybe you could 
verify my assumptions and update your PR?


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