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Jesse van den Kieboom wrote:
| I don't know if this is the right list to post this question, but I'm
| posting it here for now.
| I think most people are aware of the HAL (hardware abstraction layer)
| development currently going on for linux.
| (http://www.freedesktop.org/Software/hal). I've worked with it under
| Gnu/Debian and it seems to me that it's very promissing. With
| applications as gnome-volume-manager and the gnome-device-manager the
| freebsd desktop would in my opinion be a step further towards a more
| user friendly desktop.
| I don't know that much about the whole development and I don't know if
| it is hard to implement under freebsd, but I think it is worth it (if
| it's possible).
| I would just like to suggest the benefits it could give to FreeBSD.

I agree, and this has been heavily discussed on freebsd-gnome@ and
#freebsd-gnome on Freenode.  HAL is very Linux 2.6-centric right now.
I've gone through the some of the code, and implementing it will be a
challenge.  However, I think it can be done using devinfo with devd for
hotplug information.

One of the biggest issues we've seen in very early testing is that devd
does not provide hard drive info.  That is, we can see a umass device
attaching, but we don't have an easy way of figuring out the drive
associated with it.  There is a very indirect way of determining this
using CAM, but it would be nice if devd could be extended a bit.

If you're interested in helping out with HAL development, let me know.


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