FreeBSD port: rhythmbox-0.8.5_3

Esaltato esaltato at
Thu Sep 23 13:03:06 PDT 2004

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

> Esaltato wrote:
> | Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> |
> |> On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 18:35, Esaltato wrote:
> |>
> |>
> |>> There are 2 problems with this port: the first is the 100% cpu
> |>> utilization I experience as I listen to internet radios. This is not
> |>> the old idle bug.
> |>>
> |>
> |> I have heard this before, but I don't listen to Internet radio, so I
> |> have never explored it.
> |
> |
> | But have you got the same bug?
> Actually, I don't.  I created a new Internet radio station last night,
> and rhythmbox barely hit 1% CPU time.  I let it run for a few hours.

I have 100% as I press play.
On a side note, any way to repopulate the old RB stations list? I 
deleted it from .gnome2/rhythmbox, and on reinstall it's not 
automatically re-created. I just happened to love the ambient station 
:-) I'll just remove any setting from gconf and try to reinstall (never 
reinstalled a port so many times anyway).

> | Sorry, I was a bit vague. The gnome nautilus menu, when you right-click
> | on any folder/multimedia file.
> |
> | Just imagine the nice 16x16 stereo icon replaced with a standard blank
> | 32x32 gnome icon (the 3Dish white sheet). The menu consequentially
> | messes up. This forced me to uninstall RB.
> | Screenshot:
> |
> Looks fine to me.  I see the standard rhythmbox icon that I see in my
> panel.  Check to see that you have rhythmbox.png in
> /usr/X11R6/share/gnome/pixmaps.

Yes. I checked that before, I have it. Could this be a translation thing?
Maybe I should try with english.

> |>> The first may as well be a program bug, the second seems to be a port
> |>> problem.
> |>>
> |>> I'm on FreeBSD 5.2.1, Rhythmbox compiled from ports using -02 -pipe
> |>> -sse.
> Really, you shouldn't be using these CFLAGS.  Before reporting any
> problems, you should rebuild using default CFLAGS (in this case, rebuild
> gstreamer* and rhythmbox with -O -pipe, and see if you have the same
> problems with Internet radio).

But wasn't CURRENT -02 tolerant? I think I must have read this various 
times in posts. Anyway I'm only using -msse since last month, since I 
read that sse wasn't enabled with march athlon xp alone. Yes, I'm using 
that one too please don't kill me :-)  I've always used -02 -pipe and 
athlon xp before. What do you use? Anyway, back on track: I rebuilt RB 
with plain -0 -pipe. I did not rebuild gstreamer*, since amarok does not 
use 100% CPU if set to use gstreamer and radio. RB still uses 100%. Of 
course the large icon is still there. I cannot use a messed up menu like 
that :-)
If you still think I have to rebuild gstreamer* since it may _really be_ 
a major cause, I may take the hassle of typing that 2 lines, me lazy 
bastard :-)


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