Xerces Library Dependencies

Debayan Chaudhuri debayan at rebaca.com
Mon Sep 20 09:02:46 PDT 2004


  I am trying to install the Xerces C++ library on FreeBSD 4.9. I found out 
that xerces-c1.7.0_1 is the latest Xerces port available on FreeBSD. However, 
I noted a discrepancy in the dependency list - which might lead to the 
package not installing properly.

1) xerces-c1.7.0_1 depends on expat-1.95.8; which in turn depends on 
2) xerces-c1.7.0_1 also depends on libiconv-1.9.2_1; which in turn depends 
on libtool-1.5.8

  Thus we have 2 dependencies of the Xerces package that are themselves 
dependent on 2 different versions of the libtool package. I suppose we cannot 
have 2 versions of libtool simultaneously on the system; so we'll have to go 
for libtool-1.5.8. Will expat-1.95.8 work with libtool-1.5.8 ?


P.S. - Will this version of the Xerces library be compatible with FreeBSD 
4.9 ?

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