Drop of portindex

Vadim Mikhailov freebsd-bugs at mikhailov.org
Wed Sep 15 23:22:25 PDT 2004


 >> Are there any problems with portindex?
 >No, there were some minor problems with annoying portindex's users,
 > but there have been fully fixed today by killing portindex.
 >> Radim, can you please clarify under what licence you've released the 
 >> versions of portindex?
 >There was no licence actually, i have forgot it. Thanks God for it! 
This my
 >mistake makes killing portindex very easy. Copyright laws disables use and
 >distribuition unless you have permission from by author, which you 
don't have.

  As a matter of fact, we do:

 > egrep "(GPL|Public)" /usr/local/share/portindex/*
bsdpkg.py:# Public domain
freebsdports.py:# GPL v2
indexer.py:# (c) Radim Kolar 2004, GPL
minorupdates.py:# Public domain
pointupdates.py:# Public domain
stealthupdates.py:# Public domain
updateall.py:# Public domain
updatereadmes.py:# GPL v2

As we can see, almost each file in portindex collection is either GPL or 
public domain.

 > Folks, portindex is now history.

Not so fast.

Vadim Mikhailov.

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